8 steps to pilot smarter K-12 edtech product tests

Mike Nagler has seen his share of edtech product demonstrations as superintendent at Mineola Public Schools on Long Island, New York. And if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s the value of conducting bona-fide pilot tests. Pilot programs aren’t the same as product demonstrations, or even beta tests, as Nagler and others see it. Conducted properly, pilot programs can help school systems weigh the potential value and impact of new education tools in ways that beta or other tests typically can’t. A majority of schools across the country, however, lack the resources, know-how or the tools to conduct full-fledged edtech pilots. That’s why school administrators and technology directors are likely to welcome a new resource called the “Ed-Tech Pilot Framework” released last week by Digital Promise, an independent nonprofit specializing in innovative education practices. The new framework provides an eight-step game plan, along with case studies, research reports and other … Continue reading 8 steps to pilot smarter K-12 edtech product tests