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'The College Tour' series comes to Amazon Prime Video

by Jake Williams • 2 days ago

At least nine universities are set to be featured on a new Amazon series that opens campuses to a wider audience through its video streaming service.

Higher Education

SASE: A new vision of the security perimeter for enterprise networks

by Mike Hilario • 1 week ago

With the bulk of access needs moving off-premise, public sector and higher education leaders should be rethinking security paradigms, say security experts.


Data & Analytics — A StateScoop & EdScoop Special Report

by Jake Williams • 1 week ago

For government in 2021, data is considered a mandatory asset, but officials have shown that using data, especially during the health crisis, is a challenge.

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Northwestern sued over biometrics privacy in test proctoring software

by Jake Williams • 1 week ago

A recent lawsuit filed against Northwestern University accuses the institution's use of online proctoring software of violating state privacy law.

Higher Education

How modern e-signature tools facilitate paperless processes

by Mike Hilario • 2 weeks ago

Remote work requires new ways to manage paperwork, prompting organizations to turn to secure, cloud-based tools to sign and process documents.

Higher Education

U. Central Florida announces $3M cybersecurity scholarship program

by Jake Williams • 2 weeks ago

Funding from the National Science Foundation will provide students at the University of Central Florida scholarships for cybersecurity studies.