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Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s CDO on improving data footprint for the public

by Mike Hilario • 4 days ago

Justin Marsico on how the agency is modernizing its approach to publishing fiscal data sets, making individual and historical datasets available for public use. Of the 70 datasets the bureau routinely updates, 37 have been migrated to the new cloud-based environment where users can more meaningful interact with the data.


AWS VP on the benefits of a data-led migration to the cloud

by Mike Hilario • 2 weeks ago

Sandy Carter, executive for AWS, says that if organization focus on a data-led migration to the cloud they will see a faster ROI in insight and innovation for their operations.

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How observability and AIOps enhance application performance

by Mike Hilario • 1 month ago

Traditional monitoring systems are no longer adequate for mapping dynamic dependencies and identifying the root cause of performance issues, says Dynatrace CTO.


Building the infrastructure needed to secure research mega-grants with AI tools

by james.mahoney • 1 month ago

Research mega-grants promise new revenue streams for higher-ed institutions. However, they come with expectations for high compute and performance requirements says a new report.


Cybersecurity — A StateScoop & EdScoop Special Report

by Jake Williams • 1 month ago

In this report, StateScoop & EdScoop explore the ways information security — and the people who lead those efforts — is changing in the public sector.


Digital Transformation — A StateScoop & EdScoop Special Report

by Jake Williams • 2 months ago

In this special report, StateScoop and EdScoop go beyond the buzzwords and into what digital transformation is meaning in real-time for the public sector.