Classroom management apps to make teachers' lives easier


Back-to-school is just around the corner, and that means teachers are brushing up on their app skills.

Assessment leader and edtech company Apperson, best known for creating test scanners, has created a free eBook for teachers. The guidebook includes classroom management apps that can make their jobs a little easier.

Along with common-sense advice like staying on top of current events and engaging with parents, the eBook narrows down and distills some of the dozens of apps and tech tools available today.

Here is their selection of “7 Classroom Management Apps You Can’t Live Without.”

Traffic Light

A behavior management app, this tool can help teachers control their classrooms by assigning a color to a task. For example, red can mean to put supplies away and get ready for the next period, while yellow can signal to students that it’s time to work quietly at their desks.

Class Dojo

Teachers can use this tool for a variety of purposes, including keeping track of students and sharing important information with parents, like announcements and photos. The app can translate 35 languages.


This app allows teachers to poll their classes without any devices. Instructors can get instant feedback on whether students are digesting material and lessons, and can be used for other polling purposes.

Smart Seat

This tool can help teachers create seating charts, record attendance, select students for different tasks, record notes and store photos.

Class Act

Teachers can monitor students’ progress throughout a lesson with Class Act. They can do this by tapping the screen as students progress, and colors are used to help identify kids who need extra help.

Best Sand Timer

A time-keeping app, this lets teachers time an event or a task, and let students know how much time they have remaining to complete something.

Teacher’s Kit

Teachers can manage attendance records, import student rosters, create seating charts and track behavior notes and grades.

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