EdTech Hero: Jill Stacey, Colorado's go-to expert on data privacy


With increased access to technology comes increased opportunities for security breaches, but Jill Stacey works to ensure that students in Colorado are able to enjoy educational technology while remaining safe from privacy threats.

Stacey joined the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) two years ago to fulfill a need for increased security for personally identifiable information (PII). She’s now the department’s primary contact for data privacy concerns.

In her role as a data privacy analyst, Stacey played a significant part in the drafting of 45 sample IT privacy and security policies, which are applicable to school districts in Colorado as well as other states.

“These policies provide guidance and suggested procedures for everything from encryption to data breach response,” Stacey told EdScoop.

Stacey and her team also are developing a comprehensive data privacy training program that teaches local boards, district management and other education personnel the best methods for protecting PII.

“The adoption of education technology comes with increased risks to the protection of PII. However, using edtech is critical to our schools and districts,” said Stacey. “I have been working with our districts to ensure that, while they have the freedom to use the educational technologies, they also put in place the proper protections for PII.”

In addition to her contributions to the districts’ IT management, Stacey administrates CDE’s data privacy program and has used this position to centralize CDE’s processes, ensuring that necessary contract terms are applied to any third party that receives PII from the department.

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