Four-month-old Woz U launches cybersecurity education program


Woz U, the technology-focused education startup founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, has launched its third digital learning program — this time focused on cybersecurity.

The new program will be the education provider’s first mid-level one, meaning participants will be required to have some prior knowledge in order to enroll, Woz U President Chris Coleman told EdScoop.

The other two programs currently available — data science and software development — are open to students with no experience in the areas. Woz U opted not to disclose current enrollment statistics.

Coleman said he is confident the new, intensive cybersecurity program will attract a lot of enrollees. That’s because Woz U approaches curriculum through the lens of a market-driven dynamic, he said, and consults with experts to ensure that Woz U students are acquiring marketable skills.

“When we look at our content and program,” Coleman said, “we’ve got a high level of confidence in its effectiveness before we launch because people that have hired for [cybersecurity] roles before are looking at it and verifying it will meet their needs.”

Cybersecurity is a growing industry, and experts say salaries will continue to rise anywhere from 7 to 15 percent for professionals in the field in 2018.

Woz U launched in October with as a fully digital institute, and has since licensed itself as an institution of higher learning in Arizona. All three programs are currently offered online through 12-, 24- or 33-week sessions, depending on the program, but partnerships with other higher ed institutions are also on the horizon for Woz U, Coleman said.

The cybersecurity program will culminate with a hands-on project that charges students with coming up with real-world solutions, according to a statement from Woz U, and online classes will include lectures and one-on-one mentoring.

Coleman also touted students’ lifetime access to their chosen program or programs — a must in the rapidly-evolving world of technology, he said. So, students enrolled in the cybersecurity program will always have access to the courses in that program — even those developed after their graduation — and will receive heavily discounted prices on the other programs Woz U offers.

Currently, the cybersecurity program includes
11 courses.