Google releases updates to Classroom in time for back-to-school season


Educators who rely on G Suite for Education will notice a number of changes to Google’s set of digital classroom tools as they head back to school.

In conjunction with the new academic year, Google for Education announced updates and new features for Classroom and Forms that will “help teachers save time and stay organized,” said Sarah Wu, a software engineer for Google Classroom, in a blog post.

The updates include the ability for teachers to view students’ work individually on a single page, allowing a clear, filter-friendly view of homework, grades and missing assignments. This option is intended to promote personalized learning.

Google Classroom now also allows teachers and administrators to transfer ownership of a class. If a teaching position is reshuffled over the summer or during the school year, instead of having to start from scratch, the new owner can see students’ past work and classroom resources in Google Drive when using the transfer option.

Students and teachers now have the chance to rearrange their classes on Google Classroom however they see fit — they can elect to see what course is next on their daily schedule, view which assignments or assessments are due next or undertake another organizational function. And, for the first time, educators also will be able to record grades in Classroom down to the decimal point, whereas previously they could only assign grades with whole values.

Other changes, like app integration and the ability to import quiz scores from Google Forms into Classroom, are also available for the new school year. A complete list of updates can be found on the Google for Education site.