Malala Fund to get Apple's help in expanding education for girls


Apple announced Monday that it will be supporting the efforts of 2014 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai in providing education to girls in developing countries.

“Together we’re committing to expand the reach of @MalalaFund and provide secondary school opportunities to girls around the world,” Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted shortly after the announcement.

The young activist launched the Malala Fund with her father in 2013, after she survived an attempted assassination by the Taliban at age 15. The attempt was made because of how vocal Yousafzai had been about equal education rights for girls in Pakistan — an issue she began speaking out about at the age of 11. She is the youngest Nobel laureate in history.

Apple will support the Malala Fund through funding and by helping the nonprofit reach its goal of providing secondary education to more than 100,000 girls who lack access to it.

The company plans to offer additional support with technology-based curriculum and research needs. Cook will also be joining the Malala Fund leadership council.

“130 million girls is a lot of folks around the world and so this is a bold ambition. This is exactly what Apple loves to work on and is something that everybody is saying is impossible,” Cook told ABC news.

Apple wants to double the number of grants that the Malala Fund has while expanding programs to young girls in India and Latin America.