McGraw-Hill Education acquires fourth edtech company since 2013


McGraw-Hill Education is continuing to widen its digital footprint, acquiring yet another edtech company.

The education company announced recently that it acquired Redbird Advanced Learning, LLC, a digital personalized learning company that offers courses in K-12 math, language arts and writing for students. It also provides virtual professional development programs for teachers. Terms of the transaction, led by East Wind Advisors, were not disclosed.

In the last few years, since becoming an independent company in 2013, McGraw-Hill has purchased four companies. They include ALEKS Corp., a Web-based assessment system that determines exactly what students know or don’t know in a course, and Area9 Aps, which developed the LearnSmart Advantage Suite, another adaptive technology tool that’s used in 1,100 college courses.

Officials said the acquisition of Redbird will add to and strengthen McGraw-Hill’s current offerings, especially in math.

“Redbird shares McGraw-Hill Education’s vision of harnessing the power of research, technology and the highest quality content to create personalized courses that can unlock the full potential of each student,” said David Levin, President and CEO of McGraw-Hill Education.

“The Redbird acquisition allows us to expand our portfolio of adaptive learning products as we continue our transformation from a textbook publisher to a learning science company. Redbird’s digital curriculum, grounded in foundational and ongoing research from Stanford University, will make a great addition to our already strong lineup of education programs and enhance our robust K-12 math offerings.”

Matthew Mugo Fields, founder and CEO of Redbird, said that even more students will be exposed to the adaptive learning solutions.

“Hundreds of thousands of students have benefitted from Redbird’s innovative digital education solutions,” he said. “Now, by becoming part of McGraw-Hill Education, we can accelerate the learning process for even more students, helping them excel in the classroom and beyond.”

The personalized learning system allows teachers to tailor instruction to students, and identify who is struggling and what particular needs each student has. Teachers can also track assessments and progress in real time, and adjust their lessons accordingly.

“With Redbird’s adaptive products, students can continue to improve their comprehension and retention at their own pace, while teachers can spend additional time with students who need more help,” said Christine Willig, president of McGraw-Hill Education’s School Group.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article stated that McGraw-Hill Education purchased five companies since 2013. The correct number is four. EdScoop regrets the error.