New IT management platform available to colleges and universities


A leading IT management and monitoring service provider has launched a comprehensive service platform for colleges and universities called IT Complete for Higher Education.

Kaseya, whose customers include Cisco and the U.S. Postal Service, is providing service desk, patching, antivirus and anti-malware services and support to higher education institutions.

Virginia Tech and the University of Kentucky are currently transitioning over to the new solution, according to a Kaseya spokeswoman.

The model offers greater IT service capabilities for students, faculty and administrators while lowering IT costs for schools, according to company officials. The cost depends on what type of services and solutions the schools want.

Kaseya’s IT automation, remote management and network security capabilities are well known in the education sector, but IT Complete for Higher Education addresses the current needs of colleges and universities, according to CEO Fred Voccola.

The new platform takes into account the fact that campus networks are usually spread out across many buildings and locations. It was engineered to maximize the technician-to-endpoint ratio for faster remote services and maintenance.

IT Complete for Higher Education will give administrators “a single pane of glass view into agent architecture, discovery and reporting, as well as cross-platform support,” officials said a in prepared statement. That has the added benefit of reducing the amount of training required to use the platform.

Processes are also scaled to allow for the least amount of disruption to the classroom, with new and enhanced application program interfaces that allow for easy integration with other existing tools.

Addressing the cybersecurity vulnerabilities that colleges and universities across the country are confronting, the IT Complete for Higher Education platform also includes safeguards and security protections against cyberattacks. Those safeguards comply with major federal privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Personally Identifiable Information regulations, the company said.

“Now, higher education organizations can ensure sensitive data — such as proprietary student data, financial information, healthcare data and social services information — is all maintained in a secure, auditable manner,” according to the press release. Kaseya removes the need for end-users and IT administrators to manage passwords, through single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. In this way, the solution “balances usability and data protection with its identity and access management solution.”

Kaseya officials said that as colleges and universities face tighter budgets, decreased endowments, increased competition for top student talent, and rising tuition costs, IT Complete can actually lower costs in the long run.

In the meantime, students, when they get to campus, still expect a state-of-the-art institution and cutting-edge technology.

“The education industry’s slow movement towards a service-oriented culture, where IT departments function as true service delivery organizations to improve quality of service and enable economies of scale, has hampered its ability to keep pace with growing student and faculty demands,” the company said.

“Kaseya’s industry-leading IT automation, remote management and network security capabilities have long been heralded by the education sector. IT Complete for Higher Education takes this success a step further by specifically addressing today’s unique and evolving needs of colleges and universities,” Voccola said in a statement. “From the explosion of cloud technologies and the onus of regulatory compliance to the growing need for automation, IT professionals at higher education institutions face mounting challenges with limited resources.”