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Steps higher ed CIOs can take to get ahead of cyberthreats

Higher institutions are at a cross roads in making their networks more secure. Many colleges and universities face dual challenges in trying to meet the performance needs students, faculties and researchers expect while also grappling with the new demands for stronger security against malware and other threats.

Chris Auger, vice president at SonicWall, a leading network security provider, talked with EdScoop about why colleges and universities need to rethink how they’re tackling their network security.

Traditional intrusion and firewall protections are no longer adequate to deal with the new generation of threats and in particular, malware threats, Auger says.

“Schools are under tremendous operating budget pressures and often can’t get the funds to make the necessary IT security investments they need,” he says. But schools can still take a number of steps to improve their security posture, he says.

Auger outlined a number of key questions higher ed administrators should be asking these days, and some steps they can take now, as they look to tighten their network security:

  • Do they have the necessary bandwidth to handle the high volume of SSL packet inspection needed to protect their networks?
  • Is their firewall/intrusion protection able to deliver the performance level necessary to keep on top of expanding security threats?
  • Have they fully assessed their current and future traffic volume and requirements and do they have the infrastructure in place, including software defined networking, to keep up with rapidly evolving security requirements?
  • Have they fully considered the need for automation and/or staffing skills needed to support the required level of security?
  • When looking at network security providers, have they made sure those providers can offer true, high-volume, real-time security capability without also requiring high levels of personnel support?

SonicWall works with colleges and universities across the United States to provide robust network security solutions.

Find out more at SonicWall’s education solutions.

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