Tech-Enabled Student Success — An EdScoop Special Report

University and college educators are turning to digital tools to ensure their student bodies can graduate and find success in the workforce.

It hasn’t always been a prevalent idea in higher education that institutions should concern themselves with whether their students are successful. The thinking associated with “weed-out” courses, which imply failure for some proportion of students, is giving way to a new, more hopeful philosophy behind managing and encouraging the student body. And society’s most powerful tool, digital technology, is plays a growing role in that effort.

Beset by dropping enrollment rates and a remote-learning environment that many students find inhospitable, university and college educators are turning to tools powered by machine learning, predictive analytics platforms and emerging classroom software to ensure that as many of their students as possible can graduate and find success in the workforce, as well.

Increasingly, student success, as defined by today’s educators, can not be derived from a GPA, but only found by assessing a panoramic view of students’ well-being. This is EdScoop’s special report on student success, a profile of how industry and higher education leaders are thinking about what it means for students to be successful and what it takes to get them there.


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Five ways higher ed is boosting student success

by | JUN 14, 2021

Student success is about far more than good grades and a spiffy diploma at the end of two, four or more years. And higher education institutions have never had more products flung at them, claiming to deliver results at a time when college enrollment is tanking, institutions are still rebalancing themselves from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and students themselves are unsure about their academic futures. From AI platforms and chatbots trying to offer assistance on admissions and financial aid to single sign-on platforms designed to pour the entirety of a campus’ resources into a mobile app, here are a few of the busiest trends in the student-success industry right now.