Trump stands by STEM education spending in fiscal 2019 budget


The White House’s fiscal 2019 budget proposal reinforces the funding plan outlined in the President’s Memorandum on STEM education — spend at least $200 million in existing grant money on STEM education per year.

The budget, released Monday, also outlines additional support for STEM education in the form of a $20 million grant program for STEM career and technical education programs.

“Supporting STEM education is imperative to better equip America’s young people with the relevant knowledge and skills that would enable them to secure high-paying, stable jobs throughout their careers,” the budget reads.

According to, 60 percent of U.S. schools don’t offer computer science courses, but there are over 500,000 job openings currently available in computing.

“As part of my Administration’s commitment to supporting American workers and increasing economic growth and prosperity,” President Donald Trump said in the memorandum in September, “it is critical that we educate and train our future workforce to compete and excel in lucrative and important STEM fields.”

The memorandum directed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to offer extra consideration to STEM initiatives. Accompanying Trump’s signature was a commitment to $300 million in STEM education funding from the private sector, with Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce offering $50 million each in addition to smaller contributions from other companies.