Which edtech innovations and innovators stood above the rest over the past 25 years?


Online learning, wireless technology, mobile devices — these and other innovations, now ubiquitous in a 21st century classroom, have transformed the way educators teach and students learn.

Behind those inventions stood visionary leaders who saw new ways of channeling those innovations in the classroom — and to entire communities across America — leaving a lasting impact on education.

Now we’re asking the education community to look back over the past 25 years and vote for the edtech innovations and innovators that stand out most and made the biggest waves in changing the nature of teaching, assessing and learning in America.

The top 25 selections, based on your votes, will become permanently enshrined in a virtual “EdTech Time Capsule” created by the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) in partnership with EdScoop.

VOTE for the top edtech innovations and innovators over the past 25 years.

The EdTech Time Capsule project asks educators, edtech enthusiasts and advocates to review a list of 50 people, products and developments that transformed education in the last 25 years and vote for the most outstanding.

The nominations were collected through a crowdsourcing initiative conducted this summer by CoSN and EdScoop. During a monthlong call for nominations, members of the edtech community submitted names and ideas for the visionaries, the inventions and the developments they felt have made invaluable contributions to K-12 education.

The time capsule project is an outgrowth of efforts by CoSN to recognize the edtech achievements over the past 25 years of the association’s existence, and it’s a way to look into the future, said Keith Krueger, CEO of COSN.

Has technology fundamentally changed education, and if so, for better or worse?” he said. “We wanted to reflect on the recent past, as well as think about the future. The best way to think about the future is to ‘invent it.’ And, understanding history can be helpful in seeing what in the past has been important — namely, the people, products and developments that have had a significant impact.”

There is no limit on the number of people, products or developments each individual can cast a vote for, but voting will close at midnight on Oct. 31.

The top 25 items, gleaned from the CoSN/EdScoop crowdsourced voting page, will be announced on Monday, Nov. 13, and featured on EdScoop’s news site, EdScoop.com.

CoSN will pay tribute to the contents of the time capsule at its annual conference next spring.

To share the EdTech Time Capsule project, or just follow along for updates and announcements, use the hashtags #EdTechTimeCapsule and #CoSNCapsule25.

VOTE now for the top edtech innovations and innovators over the past 25 years.