Full benefits of edtech can't be realized until data is interoperable, report finds

A report just released by the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), “State Education Leadership for Interoperability: Leveraging Data for Academic Excellence,” argues that for current and future investments in educational technology to produce the desired results, state-level education leaders need to include an interoperability plan that facilitates sharing data easily all the way up and down the educational structure, from students and parents through state officials, making it readily available to all who need it. “Our recommendations focus on ways that state education leaders, through a collaborative approach, can have seamless access to data and support new learning models by applying interoperability approaches,” said Tracy Weeks, executive director of SETDA. “My hope is that this report will serve as a critical resource for our members and others in the sector.” Interoperability, as the report defines it, is “the seamless, secure and controlled exchange of data between applications. [It] allows … Continue reading Full benefits of edtech can’t be realized until data is interoperable, report finds