Essential elements for building a 1:1 teaching environment

Step 1: Make a plan. That’s the first piece of advice for every superintendent and school leader who asks about creating 1:1 environments in their schools. During a recent webinar hosted by, presenters said school leaders often miss key steps in their plans to set up a learning environment where each student has a device. The result is not students who ending up with learning devices, but useless hunks of plastic. Led by Ann McMullan, project director for the CoSN Empowered Superintendents Program, the presenters shared their essential elements for a successful 1:1 plan as well as the steps they wish they could redo. Start with a compelling vision and make it student-centered Part of the reason most schools switch to 1:1 is because they want the classroom to reflect the real world. Devices like laptops and tablets can be found in many workplaces today. However, the more successful … Continue reading Essential elements for building a 1:1 teaching environment