Why did Florida's student safety database fall short?

Some officials say the public safety tool adds little new functionality for law enforcement, while others claim the governor's request was "impossible" from the start. Officials on a governing board for the project are now questioning whether the portal comes does what it was designed to do.

Virginia prepares 'Equity in Education' data competition

The commonwealth's annual "datathon" will center this year on improving the equality of educational outcomes for all students.

Why teachers are essential to building a secure 'internet of things'

Even digital natives need help understanding the security and privacy implications of their devices, Cisco's Edna Conway told a conference audience.

Nevada's new data tool shows how safe students feel at school

Trend data from "school climate" surveys allows administrators to view student sentiment across demographic categories or compare schools over time.

Why the United States needs more cybersecurity experts — badly

Alan Paller, founder of the SANS Institute, says a "cyber pandemic" threatens national security and the only solution is to train more professionals.

District data can help teachers 'work smarter, not harder'

At Aldine ISD in Texas, the technology director says schools need to use data to improve services for both students and teachers alike.

South Texas districts open cybersecurity careers program

A new state-funded program seeks to shrink the gap in the IT security workforce by offering digital forensics and cybersecurity training.

More schools are buying mobile panic buttons for shooter scenarios

Oklahoma schools are among the latest to invest in the technology, spending $3 million on a mobile platform to be used by more than 500 districts.

Another reminder that edtech is for everybody. Click through for in-classroom examples.

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