University of Wisconsin testing body scanners that use AI to check for threats

Within 45 days, agencies must appoint a software manager to oversee license and agreement inventories, and begin reporting progress in their license management by Nov. 30.

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by Emily Bamforth • 3 weeks ago

City College researchers interested in smart cities, autonomous vehicles and network research can now use a fiber connection to a high-speed testbed in Manhattan.

by Emily Bamforth • 1 month ago

The biotech firm Moderna is partnering with AI pioneer Carnegie Mellon on an executive education course.

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

A growing number of students are using a new feature on MIT's mobile app to access buildings and pay for coffee on campus.

by Emily Bamforth • 2 months ago

University of Rhode Island is the first out-of-state institution to join a computing center that researchers say help them pool resources.

by Emily Bamforth • 3 months ago

Students taking Wharton's six-week blockchain certificate course can pay with crypto.

by Emily Bamforth • 3 months ago

In an attempt to use AI ethically, the system says it will follow several recommendations of a new report, including publishing a new public database.

by Emily Bamforth • 3 months ago

In eight years with the higher education group, D. Christopher Brooks said he saw a transition away from hype to evidence-based research.

by Emily Bamforth • 3 months ago

Software company SAFE is testing attendance software at three universities and colleges, also gathering data on how students react to a no-password login.

by Emily Bamforth • 4 months ago

West Lafayette, Indiana's population spikes when class is in session, so the city is throwing a challenge.

by Emily Bamforth • 4 months ago

A recent pilot project spurred hundreds of at-risk students to connect with virtual coaches.