Relationships key to universities' digital transformation, Educause research shows

by Emily Bamforth • 2 hours ago

Successful institutions incorporate elements of culture, workforce and technology into their digital transformation initiatives, Educause researchers found.

Higher ed balances federal relief terms against institutional needs

by Emily Bamforth • 1 month ago

Educators and analysts said universities are spending down technical debt while managing transparency and minding their strategic plans.

Cybersecurity in higher education: going from ‘no’ to ‘know’

by Brian Kelly • 4 months ago

Cybersecurity is critical to higher education, so it must become an enabler of the business, not an impediment.

Educause program aims to help colleges manage vendor risk

by Benjamin Freed • 5 months ago

Educause is launching a hub to share assessments of IT vendors to make it easier for colleges and universities to review cybersecurity risks.

Online learning remains high priority for higher ed, Educause report finds

by Emily Bamforth • 5 months ago

Colleges and universities are increasing their use of hybrid and blended learning models, but students still prefer face-to-face learning.

New Educause website guides universities in digital transformation

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

A new website from Educause includes resources for higher education leaders seeking to learn and plan digital transformation initiatives.

Jill Biden promotes community colleges' role in workforce development

by Betsy Foresman • 10 months ago

Two-year colleges are essential to educating students and workers to develop a strong, skilled workforce, the incoming first lady said.

Creative Wi-Fi programs are keeping university students connected

by Betsy Foresman • 11 months ago

Ensuring that students have access to the internet has been of paramount importance during the pandemic, technology leaders from two universities said during an online event.

Educause outlines universities' 3 pandemic recovery options in annual report

by Betsy Foresman • 11 months ago

No single strategy will help all institutions recover from the pandemic, but technology will continue to play a central role as institutions adapt and strive to better serve students' needs, the group's organizers said.