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Facial recognition finally activated at New York school district

by Betsy Foresman • 2 years ago

After delays caused by privacy concerns, Lockport City School District has begun using facial recognition to detect threats to student safety.

New York school district pauses on facial recognition system

by Colin Wood • 3 years ago

Just days after installation, a facial recognition system at Lockport City School District is offline as the state reviews district privacy policies.

RealNetworks offers free facial recognition software for K-12

by Patience Wait • 4 years ago

The technology — though sure to spark some controversy — aims to help control access to school buildings.

Technology may not stop a school shooting from happening, but it can still help

by Emily Tate • 4 years ago

As districts grapple with how best to protect students and staff in an age of lockdowns, many are looking to advanced communications systems and facial recognition software.