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Higher ed can't solve rising cybersecurity problems, but it can manage them

by Emily Bamforth • 9 months ago

Instead of clamming up, institutions should collaborate and share information to ease the burden ever-increasing cyberthreats, speakers said during a panel.

Cybersecurity in higher education: going from ‘no’ to ‘know’

by Brian Kelly • 12 months ago

Cybersecurity is critical to higher education, so it must become an enabler of the business, not an impediment.

CSU San Marcos was hacked in October

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

Students, staff and faculty were notified earlier this year that a malicious actor had accessed sensitive data, prompting an upgrade to multi-factor authentication.

11 questions to ask your campus CIO about information security

by Darren Catalano • 4 years ago

Commentary: The crux of data security is about having multiple layers of defense. Answering these questions can establish a strong foundation.