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States are making progress on data 'report cards,' but shortcomings are many

by Richard W. Walker • 3 years ago

Analysis from the Data Quality Campaign shows reports bogged down by lack of clarity, accessibility and jargon.

Amendment to create student data privacy commission clears Senate

by Corinne Lestch • 5 years ago

The panel would research which federal and state laws around student data privacy are working and which aren't.

Despite concerns in Congress, tracking data can help students

by Corinne Lestch • 5 years ago

Several bills that deal with student data privacy have been introduced in recent months, but some districts are using the info to help students improve academically.

Obama finds bipartisan backing for student data privacy pitch

by Corinne Lestch • 6 years ago

The new bill drafted by Reps. Luke Messer, R-Ind., and Jared Polis, D-Colo., will be presented in the next couple of weeks, according to officials.