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Data USA offers new trove of statistics on more than 7,300 U.S. universities

by Corinne Lestch • 3 years ago

The free, open data platform compiles and synthesizes stats on enrollment, cost, demographic and other information to help students make better decisions.

New federal cybersecurity regulations force colleges to strengthen data management

by Corinne Lestch • 3 years ago

Standards laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology come with a Dec. 31 deadline.

University presidents must take 'measured' approach to social media and technology

by Richard W. Walker • 3 years ago

In a changing world, technology also offers new opportunities for campus leaders, according to Deloitte and Georgia Tech study.

Cybersecurity education report aims to address student 'confusion'

by Corinne Lestch • 5 years ago

According to the report, government can do more to explain and streamline different programs and scholarships available to students who want cyber skills.