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How a small IT investment can produce campus-wide results

by Michael Mathews • 1 week ago

Commentary: Oral Roberts University's CIO explains how doing it all with limited funding can often feel like "turning the Titanic in a duck pond."

Reading from screens hurts comprehension, research finds

by Betsy Foresman • 1 month ago

New research indicates paper has the edge when it comes to understanding the material, but digital media remains easier to distribute and carry.

Why edtech leaders should guide teachers on data privacy

by Jake Williams • 2 months ago

While well-intentioned, many teachers don't know how to evaluate data privacy standards of digital resources. IT leaders can help with that.

How Houston ISD's technology director manages edtech for 29,000 employees

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The app marketplace is too vast for teachers to sort out alone, said Kristy Sailors, but her district has a few tricks to ensure its apps are safe.

Learners as creators, data-driven practices top CoSN's 2019 'accelerators' report

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

The Consortium for School Networking has published the top trends driving K-12 edtech transformation for 2019.

CoSN CEO previews edtech 'enabler' and 'accelerator' reports

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

"Learners as creators" and "mobile devices" will each top upcoming reports to be released by the Consortium for School Networking later this year.

How one K-12 technologist deals with the most common innovation hurdles

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The chief technology officer of Austin Independent School District says technology is the missing piece for many classrooms today.

Overloaded with apps? How to organize your edtech toolkit

by Stacey Pusey • 2 months ago

Commentary: edWeb.net's Stacey Pusey shares how educators are using a new platform to manage data privacy and boost outcomes in the classroom.

Edtech leaders nudge Congress on grant funding, student data privacy

by Betsy Foresman • 2 months ago

Educators from across the country gathered in Washington to meet with representatives on issues like Title II, Title IV and E-rate.