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How an open-source education can help students gain an edge

by Bill Hirsch • 1 year ago

Commentary: Many colleges are proficient at using open-source technologies, but they're lagging when it comes to teaching the benefits of open-source development.

GitHub announces new workforce-minded education bundle for schools

by Patience Wait • 1 year ago

GitHub looks to give students and teachers free access to tools used by professionals in the computer science field.

Students with complete control over their laptops? For one district, it hasn't been a disaster.

by Ryan Johnston • 2 years ago

As part of its one-to-one program, Penn Manor School District in Pennsylvania gives students root access on their Linux computers.

Preparing for the art of the possible in the data tsunami

by EdScoop Staff • 2 years ago

Hortonworks' Shaun Bierweiler talks about confronting not just the explosion of data, but managing unstructured data in all its for