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Anti-violence bill would require schools watch students' social media

by Betsy Foresman • 3 years ago

Social media accounts of those at risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others would enter required monitoring by their schools.

School safety database would help educators scour technology options

by Betsy Foresman • 3 years ago

The School Safety Clearinghouse Act would give state and local officials a way to assess and share best practices for school security and design.

More schools are buying mobile 'panic buttons' for shooter scenarios

by Katya Schwenk • 3 years ago

Oklahoma schools are among the latest to invest in the technology, spending $3 million on a mobile platform to be used by more than 500 districts.

Florida schools turn to emergency tech after campus shootings

by Corinne Lestch • 4 years ago

Osceola County School District joins other Florida public schools, plus Florida State University, in adopting a high-tech solution in the event of active shooter situations.

Technology may not stop a school shooting from happening, but it can still help

by Emily Tate • 4 years ago

As districts grapple with how best to protect students and staff in an age of lockdowns, many are looking to advanced communications systems and facial recognition software.