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Rutgers U. translates pandemic updates for non-English speakers

by Betsy Foresman

Thanks to the efforts of Rutgers research assistants, speakers of Hindi, Korean, Tagalog, Spanish and Urdu will now have access to pandemic updates in their native tongue.

UC Irvine's new coronavirus map shows sentiment on Twitter

by Colin Wood

The map is updated in real time as Twitter users around the U.S. use phrases like "social distancing" or "coronavirus."

Anti-violence bill would require schools watch students' social media

by Betsy Foresman

Social media accounts of those at risk of committing self-harm or extreme violence against others would enter required monitoring by their schools.

Five steps to fighting ransomware attacks against schools

by Joe Kim

Commentary: How can university IT teams prevent the next WannaCry? Educate, patch, modernize, plan and invest.