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Enabling student success with tech at universities requires care

by Colin Wood

Higher education technology experts said universities adopted broader technology toolkits in recent months, but supporting students requires precision.

State funding to aid Alabama schools in ways federal relief can't

by Colin Wood

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey approved a $282 million appropriation for schools and universities from the state's Advancement and Technology Fund.

As enrollment crashes, universities are reinventing themselves

by Colin Wood

Professionals are turning to higher education in great numbers while those most vulnerable to the pandemic's vicissitudes are stopping out.

Texas universities, agencies given digital accessibility resources

by Betsy Foresman

New resources provided by the state government are intended to ensure publicly-funded digital assets are easily accessible by everyone.

Universities are expanding cybersecurity education to meet broad demand

by Betsy Foresman

Programs like San Diego State University's degree in cybersecurity management highlight a growing demand for interdisciplinary cybersecurity skills.

Ellucian systems compromised at 62 universities, Education Dept. says

by Katya Schwenk

The ongoing vulnerability generated thousands of illicit user accounts, the Education Department says, but the company claims the alert is a mistake.

Nine universities unite on blockchain credentialing project

by Betsy Foresman

Top universities from around the world have announced a partnership consolidating efforts to develop digital credentials that are easier to share.

On cybersecurity, educational institutions have a people problem

by Betsy Foresman

Inside cultures that are designed to be collaborative and open, IT leaders are struggling to corral their users and educate faculty on network risks.