Edtech is ‘not just about the devices’ in this Nevada school district

To enable students to develop new technology skills that will help them get jobs, the Carson City School District in Nevada is prioritizing professional and student training.

The concept of preparing students early for careers in technology and building their digital literacy is a growing trend in K-12 education and has become a major priority that district technology leaders face today.

A statewide technology initiative called Nevada Ready 21 provides students with a technology-rich education and access to digital learning devices, according to LeAnn Morris, a technology integration specialist for Carson City Public Schools. The project aims to level the educational playing field and prepare students for a digital future.

“It’s not just about the devices. It’s also about professional learning for the teachers, having digital coaches in the schools and IT techs right on site in order to help have the support that’s needed for our teachers and our students and our leadership,” Morris says in a video interview.

In its initial phase, the project targets middle schools and has been implemented at both middle schools in her district.

“We are very fortunate in Carson City School District,” Morris said. “We have a wonderful opportunity for our middle school students.”

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