Funds For Learning launches new service to assist schools with E-rate

Peter Kaplan, client solutions lead at Funds For Learning, explains the new My E-rate Guides and lays out the latest education happenings at the FCC.

Funds For Learning, an Oklahoma-based consulting company that helps schools and libraries navigate the E-rate process, has launched a new service called My E-rate Guides.

Through monthly webinars, Q&As with E-rate experts and hourly consulting, school districts and libraries applying for broadband discounts through the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) E-rate program can get as much or as little guidance as they need.

“We’ve found that schools sometimes need just a little bit of assistance, rather than the full compliance services we provide,” Peter Kaplan, a client solutions executive at Funds For Learning, tells EdScoop TV.

The new service provides schools answers to questions about competitive bidding, invoicing and eligibility, among other topics.

Learn more about My E-rate Guides, the FCC and the homework gap in Kaplan’s interview:

What kind of impact are you seeing from that so far?

What advice would you offer to others considering this type of project?