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Making the ROI case for modernizing identity and access management

U.S. colleges and universities face a distinct challenge modernizing and integrating their identity and access management tools. That’s in part because serving students, faculty, staff and alumni gets complicated when the roles of individuals change constantly — or as they take on multiple personas. 

In an exclusive EdScoop interview, Erika Messerschmidt, solution engineer at Okta takes a closer look at how legacy maintenance tools and reliance on active directory lists compounds these challenges.

The good news, according to Messerschmidt, is that new IAM solutions in the market today offer a more cost-effective solution for education institutions to tackle some of these challenges. 

She shares examples of where colleges and universities are making notable progress adopting modern IAM tools, and how higher education CIOs can make the return-on-investment argument to take advantage of the savings gained from the integration of newer IAM tools. 

Watch the full interview with Erika Messerschmidt and learn more about identity modernization at U.S. colleges and universities.

This video interview was produced by EdScoop and underwritten by Okta.