Minnesota group helps school districts spot and secure cyber vulnerabilities

Ryan Cloutier is on the front lines in Minnesota trying to ensure the security of student information.

Cloutier , principal security and enterprise architect for Technology and Information Educational Services ( TIES ), a Minnesota technology collaborative that helps school districts use technology effectively, has been focused on a cybersecurity initiative this year that helps districts identify and remediate their cyber vulnerabilities before they harm students.

“We have helped multiple districts … reduce their cyber risk,” Cloutier tells EdScoop TV, “and we’ve seen a decrease in the number of attacks for the schools that have gone through this program. “

His advice for districts and education agencies looking to improve cybersecurity operations? “Start small. Start simple,” he says. “Do one thing every day.”

And more than just monitoring cyberattacks, Cloutier says school security personnel need to be thinking about ways they can help close the skills gap — and the gender gap — in the cybersecurity workforce.

Learn more about Cloutier’s efforts to promote cybersecurity in Minnesota school districts:

What kind of impact are you seeing from that project so far?

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