How Virginia Tech's innovation campus could transform the technology talent pipeline

by Betsy Foresman • 22 hours ago

The Washington metro area has more computer science graduates than anywhere else, but university officials say it still isn't enough.

St. Louis universities build consortium for cybersecurity students

by Colin Wood • 1 week ago

For supporting students and building relationships with industry, the group's members say they can do more together than they could have alone.

How universities can innovate their way to a smart-campus ecosystem

by Michael Mathews • 1 week ago

It starts by putting students at the center of the design model, explains Michael L. Mathews, CIO at Oral Roberts University.

Digital credentials could boost student confidence, higher education survey shows

by Betsy Foresman • 2 weeks ago

Data from the survey shows that credentials are becoming increasingly important to hiring managers and students, who report feeling unprepared.

Universities wanting better cybersecurity should turn to the cloud, CIO says

by Jake Williams • 2 weeks ago

The investment needed to afford "top of the line" cyber tools is pushing more schools to the cloud, says Oral Roberts University CIO Mike Mathews.

Why one district CIO says the Ed-Fi data standard is taking over

by Ryan Johnston • 2 weeks ago

Now used by school districts in 30 states, Ed-Fi is becoming the "gold standard" for data sharing, says one district CIO.

How to integrate creative coding and robotics into your classroom

by Colin Wood • 3 weeks ago

Commentary: There's much more to teaching computer science than straight programming, says edWeb.net's Eileen Belastock.

How Campbell U. integrated its graduation application system

by Colin Wood • 3 weeks ago

A circuitous and highly manual process has been retired thanks to new software that is changing how the university runs its back offices.

On cybersecurity, educational institutions have a people problem

by Betsy Foresman • 4 weeks ago

Inside cultures that are designed to be collaborative and open, IT leaders are struggling to corral their users and educate faculty on network risks.

'Support not surveillance' say NY high school students in protest

by Betsy Foresman • 1 month ago

Students joined in front of the governor's office to protest $30 million in state grants funding classroom and school surveillance.