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How Dartmouth is transforming its on-campus Wi-Fi network

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

With the help of "AI-driven" architecture and virtualized Bluetooth beacons, the college says what it has now is far more than an internet connection.

Connecticut's self-service portal builds privacy into edtech

by Jake Williams • 3 months ago

Vendors and district leaders are saving money, officials say, while teachers using edtech are freed from scanning legalese to protect student privacy.

Amazon Web Services' latest innovation lab finds home at ASU

by Ryan Johnston • 4 months ago

The Smart City Cloud Innovation Center will attempt to solve civic challenges in the Phoenix metro area with AI and cloud technology.

University of Rhode Island readies for 'first of its kind' artificial intelligence lab

by Ryan Johnston • 7 months ago

With the lab housed in the library and not the computer science department, the goal is to broaden the conversation about AI.

How artificial intelligence is helping Pearson refocus assessment technology

by Ryan Johnston • 9 months ago

The company's new head of AI and personalized learning sees an opportunity to create enhanced ways of evaluating students' work.

Curriculum platforms to get an AI boost from IBM's Watson

by Mark Satter • 9 months ago

The tech giant will work with Scholastic and Edmodo as they create custom curriculum for individual students.

ISTE launches online professional learning hub for educators

by Emily Tate • 9 months ago

The hub, called "ISTE U," will train teachers on technology topics like artificial intelligence, mobile learning and open educational resources.

AI in classrooms can raise red flags on privacy

by Patience Wait • 9 months ago

In a new resource, CoSN notes AI’s promise, but cautions that FERPA, COPPA and state-level requirements must be considered in advance.

What the country's first undergrad program in artificial intelligence will look like

by Ryan Johnston • 10 months ago

We "felt that it was time to do this," a Carnegie Mellon professor tells EdScoop about the university's new AI major.

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