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ISTE 2018 provides megaphone for edtech groups

by Patience Wait • 4 years ago

Groups like Common Sense and Future Ready Schools announced their latest efforts to ensure the effective use of technology in education.

​At SETDA, personalized learning is a story of innovations — and big hurdles

by Wyatt Kash • 5 years ago

State edtech leaders say states, schools and communities all have a role in making personalized learning a reality.

EdTech Hero: Jeff Mao, an experienced, 'stalwart partner' to many states

by Emily Tate • 5 years ago

From Future Ready Schools to statewide one-to-one initiatives, Mao brings "a wealth of experience and knowledge ... that few, if any, could match."

EdTech Hero: Jennifer Bergland sets record for edtech legislation in Texas

by Kate Roddy • 5 years ago

Bergland organized grassroots support and drafted seven bills to back digital learning in her state.