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Colleges and institutions need to pick up the pace to meet AI skills demand

by EdScoop Staff • 2 months ago

A new survey of higher education officials points to a shortage of instructors and infrastructure in the face of rising demand for AI instruction at colleges and universities.

Instructure unveils its 'Edtech Collective'

by Emily Bamforth • 2 months ago

The maker of the Canvas learning management system says its website offers space for companies to connect, spurring progress in edtech.

Making access to higher education more equitable and productive

by Danielle Rourke • 2 months ago

The pandemic exposed the hidden depth of the digital divide faced by many college students, raising complicated questions for college and university officials.

Idaho's public colleges pick platform for online course-sharing

by Emily Bamforth • 2 months ago

Public higher education institutions in Idaho have selected a platform called Quottly to share resources across campuses.

Modern Campus acquired three companies in 2021, with an eye to student engagement

by Emily Bamforth • 3 months ago

Modern Campus CEO Brian Kibby said his firm aims to help colleges and universities engage their students in lifelong relationships.

Netflix expands HBCU workforce pilot in second year

by Emily Bamforth • 3 months ago

After students in its pilot program at Norfolk State University graduated this spring, Netflix and its partner, 2U, will offer bootcamps to four more institutions that connect students with mentors.

Students seeking online education still largely career-minded, survey finds

by Emily Bamforth • 4 months ago

Higher education institutions are reexamining their online offerings, but a new survey shows that the motivations for online students has remained fairly consistent since last year.

Six ways cloud answers higher education’s call for change

by Juan Vela • 4 months ago

Institutions are looking to cloud to build agility into the network in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges while getting maximum value for today’s investments.

U. Alabama to retire physical cards for 'mobile-first' IDs

by Emily Bamforth • 5 months ago

The University of Alabama says it will continue to modernize its ID card system by deactivating old magnetic-strip cards this summer.