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Arizona State launches virtual wildlife sanctuary for biology students

by Betsy Foresman

Through a new partnership with the virtual reality company Dreamscape Immersive, ASU students will be able to immerse themselves in their subject matter, starting with biology.

To break monotony of remote learning, Rutgers built virtual worlds

by Betsy Foresman

The virtual spaces allow students to immerse themselves in their subjects and put their knowledge to practice while they remain off campus during the pandemic.

Immersive app turns U. of Florida campus into educational board game

by Jake Williams

An app and matching board game, which allow students to explore the campus' history, is hoped to provide a more immersive educational experience.

Immersive technology: Classroom asset or just another tech fad?

by Julia Ottesen

Technologies like virtual or mixed reality aren't a classroom cure-all, but some experts say they could transform how students learn.

Immersive technology keeps Rutgers students in class and off the buses

by Emily Tate

Telepresence technology from Cisco allows faculty members at Rutgers University to be in two classrooms at once, eliminating the need for cross-campus commutes.