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How Oklahoma U. protects 80,000 email accounts from the dark web

by Ryan Johnston • 2 weeks ago

A new piece of software is allowing the school's security analysts to catch compromised accounts automatically — before they hit the black market.

Phishing attacks challenging teachers, says Utah ed director

by Colin Wood • 4 weeks ago

Training will shift away from basics like password safety and toward modern cyberthreats, says Central Utah Educational Services director.

Hacker steals personal data of 500,000 San Diego Unified students

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The school district says it has identified a possible culprit and a criminal investigation is underway.

Higher ed particularly at risk of email phishing attacks, report finds

by Patience Wait • 11 months ago

Eighty-eight percent of colleges and universities fail to protect students, faculty, alumni, staff, according to marketing and analytics company 250ok.

Understanding unified threat management for higher education

by EdScoop Staff • 1 year ago

Commentary: How UTM helps create a balance between functionality and security, without draining resources.

Five steps to fighting ransomware attacks against schools

by Joe Kim • 1 year ago

Commentary: How can university IT teams prevent the next WannaCry? Educate, patch, modernize, plan and invest.

A security breach is coming to your school. Are you ready?

by Richard W. Walker • 1 year ago

CoSN panelists ponder the rising cybersecurity challenges facing schools today.

Employee records at UVA hacked through phishing scam – officials

by Corinne Lestch • 3 years ago

The FBI notified the school that overseas hackers had been able to steal personal information of about 1,400 employees at the University of Virginia.

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