Ryan Johnston


FCC considers expanding E-Rate program to student homes

by Ryan Johnston • 3 weeks ago

At the prodding of the Government Accountability Office, educational broadband subsidies could soon extend beyond school grounds.

Higher Education

Student data systems compromised in Hawaii, Tennessee

by Ryan Johnston • 4 weeks ago

Law enforcement and cybersecurity firms are currently investigating to see if the student data was compromised by the vendor used in 43 states.


FCC votes to auction off Educational Broadband Service in 2020

by Ryan Johnston • 1 month ago

Telecommunications providers will soon compete for licenses for the 2.5 GHz spectrum to build out the next generation of their wireless networks.


Security, wireless internet upgrades head to New York schools

by Ryan Johnston • 1 month ago

The state will disperse another $85 million of a $2 billion education fund created through the Smart Schools Bond Act in 2014.


FCC reveals plan to license educational spectrum to 5G carriers

by Ryan Johnston • 2 months ago

The commission will hold a vote next month that educators fear will reverse a 50-year tradition prioritizing access for educational institutions.


FCC considers limiting broadband funding for rural schools and libraries

by Ryan Johnston • 3 months ago

The FCC voted to limit spending on the Universal Service Fund. The change could be finalized after a second vote in three months.