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Ransomware forces New Mexico school district to scrub 30,000 devices

by Colin Wood • 2 weeks ago

Administrators declined to engage with their ransomers, opting instead to wipe the hard drives of 39 schools' computers one by one.

New Mexico school district still offline from ransomware

by Betsy Foresman • 3 weeks ago

Administrators, who have shut down systems as they resolve the issue, say they're "not exactly sure" when they'll be operational again.

Maryland privacy council tackles substandard student data protections

by Ryan Johnston • 1 month ago

The council's work is a reaction to a recent audit finding that Social Security numbers of students and teachers had not been properly secured.

Ransomware attacks against schools are surging, researchers find

by Benjamin Freed • 2 months ago

Nearly 50 school districts and educational institutions have been the victims of ransomware attacks in 2019, according to cloud security firm Armor.

Wolcott, Conn., school district hit by second ransomware attack

by Colin Wood • 2 months ago

Before the district could decide to pay the first ransom from an attack in June, administrators discovered a second attack earlier this month.

Ransomware shuts down classes, childcare centers in Flagstaff, Arizona

by Colin Wood • 3 months ago

The district says it was forced to unplug and shut down classes, childcare centers, district preschools and an after-school program.

Ransomware 'halts everything' in Connecticut school district

by Colin Wood • 3 months ago

As Wolcott Public Schools begins a new school year, administrators announce they've spent their summer vacations attempting a ransomware recovery.

Ransomware hits school district outside Tulsa, Oklahoma

by Colin Wood • 4 months ago

Administrators say they are refusing to pay ransom demands after a cyberattack locked up critical systems used by the K-12 district.

Ransomware disrupts standardized testing in Idaho school district

by Colin Wood • 7 months ago

Though no sensitive information was leaked, administrators say the incident barred access to essential tools.