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Education leaders key in state data interoperability projects, says SETDA director

by Colin Wood • 2 years ago

Instructional leaders are joining in as state leaders convene to manage their data, SETDA Executive Director Tracy Weeks says.

Fresh thinking about data entry can reduce the burden for educators

by EdScoop Staff • 3 years ago

Education leaders from Georgia and Nebraska outline how they've made data interoperability standards work for and with their school districts.

Education community welcomes investors' concerns about tech addiction

by Patience Wait • 3 years ago

Apple asked to study measures to address problem of tech addiction among children.

Education leaders dissect digital gains in their districts, states

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

DMAPS, an online database that compiles states' policies for digital instruction, has been updated and expanded.

SETDA partners with nine emerging edtech companies

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

The fifth group of "Emerging Private Sector Partners" will connect with state leaders on educational technology goals for PreK-12 schools.

North Carolina edtech leader Tracy Weeks to lead SETDA

by Yizhu Wang • 5 years ago

The instructional learning specialist brings 'data geek' convictions to the State Educational Technology Directors Association.