Virginia district moves to implement ‘deeper learning model’

At Henrico County Public Schools in Virginia, efforts to implement a student-centric, “deeper learning model” are on track to generate transformational results, according to Jon Gregori , instructional technology specialist for the district.

The “traditional educational approach just [wasn’t] working for all of our schools,” Gregori, a 2018 CoSN NextGeneration Leader , tells EdScoop TV.

The diverse district in the Richmond suburbs had never established a consistent learning model, and Gregori wanted to change that. His hope is that, in a few years, the “pockets of excellence” he sees will become the new standard for all of the district’s educators.

“We’re working really hard to have professional learning, have these conversations with deeper learning leaders in our schools — teachers who are willing to take risks — and build them up so they can in turn go spread this project to the rest of the staff and beyond,” Gregori says.

Learn more about Gregori’s “gradual yet assertive approach” to a new learning model:

What kind of impact are you seeing from that project so far?