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Florida tracks down 32,000 laptops for students distance learning

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

Partnerships with school consortiums and "proactive" contact with distributors will mean devices for many students attending Florida's small or rural districts.

For remote learning, California asks public to donate 150,000 devices

by Colin Wood • 6 months ago

Big tech companies have donated devices to help students continue their educations during quarantine, but officials said they still need thousands more.

Carson City K-12 district narrows 'digital equity gap' with 1:1 laptop program

by Jake Williams • 1 year ago

With more than half of the Nevada district's students on reduced-cost lunch, the devices are ensuring all students get a resource-rich education.

Teachers split on benefits of digital devices in the classroom

by Mark Satter • 2 years ago

As students inherit a world of ubiquitous phones, tablets and laptops, many teachers worry about their effects on mental and physical health, Gallup finds.

What to do with your school's aging Chromebooks

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

CDI Computer Dealers has launched the Chromebook Trade-In Program to simplify device replacement for school IT leaders.

How IT directors can facilitate anti-cyberbullying practices

by Bob Hand • 3 years ago

Commentary: Equip teachers, students and parents with the right tech tools for better monitoring and reporting.

New technologies encourage — and record — student class attendance and engagement

by Richard W. Walker • 3 years ago

“It’s hard for you to learn if you’re not there,” San Diego State lecturer says.

Nevada renews commitment to statewide one-to-one program

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

The state passed a bill that will continue to fund Nevada Ready 21, a robust digital learning initiative.

Could ditching devices in the classroom improve test scores?

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

In a study of West Point students, those who used laptops and tablets in class performed slightly worse than those who did not.