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FCC votes to auction off Educational Broadband Service in 2020

by Ryan Johnston • 1 year ago

Telecommunications providers will soon compete for licenses for the 2.5 GHz spectrum to build out the next generation of their wireless networks.

FCC reveals plan to license educational spectrum to 5G carriers

by Ryan Johnston • 1 year ago

The commission will hold a vote next month that educators fear will reverse a 50-year tradition prioritizing access for educational institutions.

Education Dept. pleads FCC not to repurpose wireless broadband service

by Colin Wood • 1 year ago

The department wrote the commission a letter asking it to maintain the Educational Broadband Service's "educational nature."

Hundreds sign petition against FCC's plan to commercialize education's wireless service

by Betsy Foresman • 1 year ago

A wireless internet service currently available primarily to educational institutions could soon be opened up for private industry to monetize.