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Alaska ramps up efforts to close broadband gap in K-12 schools

by Emily Tate • 2 years ago

The state remains a laggard nationally when it comes to school connectivity, but a partnership with EducationSuperHighway aims to fix that.

One year in, Colorado sees progress in initiative to connect rural districts

by Zaid Shoorbajee • 3 years ago

A partnership formed last year, plus grant funding, are improving connectivity for schools in the state, particularly in remote areas.

School leaders, edtech organizations plead with FCC to preserve E-rate

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

In letters to the commission, superintendents and advocates describe the benefits of E-rate's Category Two Services and request continued funding.

EdTech Hero: Laurel Ballard delivers broadband to districts across Wyoming

by Kate Roddy • 3 years ago

Ballard has connected rural schools to high-speed internet and "worked tirelessly" to implement a statewide learning management system.

Over 6 million students still lack high-speed internet access, report finds

by Emily Tate • 3 years ago

But, in its annual report, nonprofit EducationSuperHighway reveals progress has been made toward closing the digital divide.

Montana invests $2 million in broadband expansion for schools

by Michael Bergin • 3 years ago

Through a fund-matching program in partnership with the FCC, Montana could obtain as much as 0 million for its digital infrastructure in schools.

States cut in half the number of K-12 students lacking high-speed broadband

by Wyatt Kash • 4 years ago

A new report from EducationSuperHighway highlights K-12 broadband gains but says more work is needed to deliver digital tools to 11.6 million students still lacking adequate access.

$100 million school broadband upgrade announced in Kansas

by Wyatt Kash • 4 years ago

Kansas Gov. Brownback and education officials partner with EducationSuperHighway to support five-year broadband expansion program.