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University of Arizona taps WeWork spaces for international students

by Betsy Foresman

The new partnership intends for students completing degrees abroad to have access to clean and safe study spaces during the pandemic.

Trump administration rescinds rule for foreign students studying online

by Betsy Foresman

After facing backlash over a rule that would have prevented international students from taking online classes this fall, the Trump administration has reversed its decision.

Universities are fighting back against ICE rule change to deport foreign students

by Betsy Foresman

Harvard and MIT filed a lawsuit against the federal agency, while students at the University of California seek workarounds that would allow their international classmates to remain in the U.S. this fall.

International students taking fully online courses to be forced out of U.S.

by Jake Williams

Nonimmigrant students will have to prove their classes require in-person instruction or be forced out of the country this fall, according to new rules from the Department of Homeland Security.