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How universities can fast-track contact tracing programs

by EdScoop Staff

Colleges and universities already have most of the data collection systems they need to develop a contact tracing program.

As learning moves online, higher ed needs more data insights

by EdScoop Staff

Universities need tools to better aggregate and collect data around their services — and in turn, make distance learning more effective, says a Splunk white paper.

Six steps to reduce network exposure to cyberthreats on college campuses

by EdScoop Staff

New report shows how coordinated, data-driven security platforms can help higher education CIOs fortify their networks against potential threats.

How Clemson keeps cryptominers off its supercomputer

by Ryan Johnston

One of the most powerful computing clusters owned by an American university has attracted at least a few opportunistic students.

Splunk releases solution that helps defend universities from ransomware

by Emily Tate

Northwestern University uses Splunk software to detect and remedy cyber threats in real time.

Indiana University finds data-driven work-around for IT silos

by Emily Rogan

Comprehensive data gathering and analytics platform helps university consolidate and overhaul back-end technology support.