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Report shows crippling effect of ransomware in the education sector

by EdScoop Staff • 2 weeks ago

A new study finds that education organizations pay the most to remediate ransomware attacks, shelling out an average of $2.73 million — 48% above the global average.

Education sees the highest ransomware recovery cost compared to other sectors

by John Shier • 2 months ago

Security advisor John Shier shares findings from a security report that show wide gaps in security preparedness to defend against ransomware threats across the education sector.

Making the ROI case for modernizing identity and access management

by EdScoop Staff • 3 months ago

Okta’s Erika Messerschmidt discusses the distinct challenges higher ed institutions face in managing identity.

Building the infrastructure needed to secure research mega-grants with AI tools

by EdScoop Staff • 3 months ago

Research mega-grants promise new revenue streams for higher-ed institutions. However, they come with expectations for high compute and performance requirements says a new report.

How schools and students can narrow the homework gap via private networks

by EdScoop Staff • 5 months ago

The expanded availability of Citizens Broadband Radio Service and new federal broadband funds bring new options for schools to go ‘beyond hotspots.’

How zero trust helps higher ed meet remote access and student privacy demands

by EdScoop Staff • 5 months ago

Arizona State University's Donna Kidwell and Cisco's Helen Patton discuss why the zero trust security benefits schools as they evolve network access.

Colleges and institutions need to pick up the pace to meet AI skills demand

by EdScoop Staff • 6 months ago

A new survey of higher education officials points to a shortage of instructors and infrastructure in the face of rising demand for AI instruction at colleges and universities.

Making access to higher education more equitable and productive

by Danielle Rourke • 7 months ago

The pandemic exposed the hidden depth of the digital divide faced by many college students, raising complicated questions for college and university officials.

Six ways cloud answers higher education’s call for change

by Juan Vela • 8 months ago

Institutions are looking to cloud to build agility into the network in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges while getting maximum value for today’s investments.