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Making access to higher education more equitable and productive

by Danielle Rourke • 2 weeks ago

The pandemic exposed the hidden depth of the digital divide faced by many college students, raising complicated questions for college and university officials.

Six ways cloud answers higher education’s call for change

by Juan Vela • 2 months ago

Institutions are looking to cloud to build agility into the network in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges while getting maximum value for today’s investments.

The importance of deploying next-gen security in K-12

by EdScoop Staff • 4 months ago

The former CIO of Minneapolis Public Schools talks about the need to invest in modernized solutions to deliver ‘security without compromise.’

How Rush University accelerated scientific research with cloud

by EdScoop Staff • 4 months ago

Medical center at Rush University takes on more advanced research projects, and lowers costs to IT operations by adopting a scalable cloud platform.

Security strategies to protect K-12 school districts from modern threats

by Sunny Suneja • 5 months ago

What K-12 education leaders need to consider as they redouble efforts to secure remote and hybrid learning environments.

Securing the remote learning environment for school districts

by EdScoop Staff • 5 months ago

Cloud adoption, the use of Chromebooks and remote learning challenges have forced schools to rethink their security strategies.

How Kent State University made the leap to zero-trust security

by EdScoop Staff • 5 months ago

Kent State CISO Bob Eckman describes ‘red pill’ decision to align pace of KSU’s security development with its enterprise platform provider, Microsoft.

Rethinking the hybrid learning environment for K-12 schools

by Brad Saffer • 6 months ago

Beyond the pandemic response, school districts have an opportunity to take advantage of their IT investments and modernize their approach to education.

How universities can fast-track contact tracing programs

by EdScoop Staff • 7 months ago

Colleges and universities already have most of the data collection systems they need to develop a contact tracing program.