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Higher ed CIOs grapple with privacy, funding heading into 2019

by Jake Williams • 10 months ago

EDUCAUSE's Susan Grajek sits down with EdScoop to talk over the recently-released top IT issues for higher education in 2019.

Higher ed IT experts point to security breaches as 'inevitable' — EDUCAUSE report

by Corinne Lestch • 2 years ago

Information security came in first for the third straight year on the association's list of IT priorities.

​EDUCAUSE’s Susan Grajek assesses latest shifts in ‘Top 10 IT Issues’

by Wyatt Kash • 2 years ago

Higher education research chief discerns how business pressures are forging stronger ties between college leaders and CIOs and shifting their strategies.

Top 10 IT issues in higher education point to deeper story

by Wyatt Kash • 3 years ago

EDUCAUSE's Susan Grajek highlights how a new approach to its just-released annual IT report revealed a larger narrative for higher ed officials.