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Governors are putting greater support behind education at every age level

by Ryan Johnston • 6 days ago

Adult and technical, K-12, and early-childhood education are all finding heightened support from state leaders, policy analysts said at SXSW 2019.

There's a gap in education that only industry can fill, report says

by Ryan Johnston • 2 weeks ago

Many students are graduating unprepared for the future. The answer, experts say, is inviting industry into the classroom.

West Virginia becomes first state to make computer science a graduation requirement

by Betsy Foresman • 3 weeks ago

All public high-school students in the state must now receive computer science education before graduation.

How NC State is planning for the future of quantum computing

by Ryan Johnston • 3 weeks ago

Through partnership with IBM, administrators say they're training students in a technology that will soon become a valuable skill for employers.

Tennessee governor proposes $4 million STEM initiative

by Betsy Foresman • 1 month ago

Gov. Bill Lee says the initiative would bolster the technology workforce and help develop new computer science standards and teacher training.

Pennsylvania governor spends $9.6 million on computer science training, education

by Colin Wood • 1 month ago

Funding new programs that provide college pathways and teacher training is hoped to close a gap in the technical workforce.

Google's first machine learning program launches at Mills College

by Betsy Foresman • 1 month ago

The course's launch is a testbed for a wider program the tech giant plans to roll out nationwide to support the computer science workforce.

Edtech leaders must adopt a 'visionary' view of workforce

by Colin Wood • 1 month ago

Wisconsin's Janice Mertes says technology in the classroom is much bigger than the devices and digital tools students are using.

To meet workforce demand, higher ed should be 'moving faster'

by Colin Wood • 1 month ago

When companies can't find the talent they need, it's a failure of the education system, says the CIO of California State University, Sacramento.

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