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Arizona State students are teaching high schoolers AWS cloud

by Emily Bamforth • 1 month ago

Arizona State University, the National Education Equity Lab and Amazon Web Services are offering courses in cloud computing to high schoolers.

Digital globe, 3D scanners, gamified tables in Arizona State's new $70M business-school building

by Emily Bamforth • 2 months ago

A digital globe, interactive tables and 3D scanners to create avatars are among the features of a new building at Arizona State.

Pearson announces end to decade-long OPM contract with Arizona State University

by Emily Bamforth • 2 months ago

Pearson and Arizona State University are ending a decade-long contract that accounted for about one-third of Pearson's OPM revenue.

Arizona State students to pitch how 5G, edge computing can boost digital equity

by Emily Bamforth • 5 months ago

The "Digital Equity Jam" is asking students to apply new technologies to issues such as public health, climate change and education.

How zero trust helps higher ed meet remote access and student privacy demands

by EdScoop Staff • 11 months ago

Arizona State University's Donna Kidwell and Cisco's Helen Patton discuss why the zero trust security benefits schools as they evolve network access.

Arizona State U. to launch digital learning record 'Pocket' in 2022

by Emily Bamforth • 1 year ago

University leaders said the tool will give students a lifelong learning record easing university transfers and job applications.

Technology aids university transfer students, but human connection is key

by Emily Bamforth • 1 year ago

Universities and colleges are getting better organized with credit transfers, but technology can't replace face-to-face orientations, leaders said.

ASU pushes digital trust in higher ed with June summit

by Emily Bamforth • 1 year ago

Arizona State University wants to advance the conversation on how to build trust with privacy and cybersecurity, particularly as the coronavirus pandemic continues to move education into hybrid spaces.

Robots, holographic speakers grace Arizona State commencement

by Emily Bamforth • 1 year ago

In addition to several in-person ceremonies, ASU's business school also hosted an online event that included special visual effects.